Biblical Worldview

Equipping students to defend their faith

We want to equip your high school Juniors and Seniors and college-aged students to be able to defend their faith as they begin to spread their wings and venture out on their own. They have been told all their life what their parents believe and have been expected to adopt those beliefs as well. But do they know WHY they believe that? Do they know what the BIBLE SAYS? Could they DEFEND what they belief when in conversation with their non-believing friends?

Through this four day seminar, they will hear from various experts on each topic. They will walk away knowing why they believe what they believe and how to articulate why they believe it.

We hope they can make all four days but they are able to choose which days work best for them. We just ask that they RSVP so we know how many to expect.

Encourage your students to take this next step in making their faith their own.