HSM Parent Cue

What your student is learning?

Oct 14th

What is it?

Scripture(s) Used:

2 Corinthians 11:28; Philippians 4:5-9; Matthew 6:25,31; Luke 12:4-7, 11; Luke 10:38-41

Ask this...

  • Is being concerned about stuff a sin?
  • What is worry/anxiety/concern?
  • What areas cause you "red zone" concern?
  • What are ways your body responds to that?

Oct 21

Why do we experience it?

Scripture(s) Used:

Luke 10:38-41

Ask this...

  • What did Jesus tell Martha was the main thing?
  • How do you "sit at Jesus' feet?"
  • Who are people who can walk through stuff with you while you're overwhelmed?

Oct 28th


Ask this...

  • What makes you feel overconcerned?
  • Does that feel fair to you?
  • Did you share anything for your group to pray for you about?

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